Motorcycle Jackets

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At Infinity we stock a wide range of motorcycle jackets from quality manufacturers such as Rukka, Dainese, Alpinestars, Joe Rocket and Spada.
It doesn’t matter if you’re after a leather motorcycle jacket or a waterproof motorcycle jacket we have a wide range of sizes and styles to suit every need from casual commuting to hard-core track day use.
Most of the jackets we sell have CE approved armour in both the elbows and shoulders, and almost all of them will at least have a pocket for an optional back protector, or already be fitted with one.
As a rule leather jackets aren’t waterproof but it’s hard to beat the look, feel and protection of a leather motorcycle jacket and at Infinity we carry a wide range from the classic ‘Brando style’ model up to the latest Italian designed track orientated models.
In waterproof jackets we have everything from a basic Spada model right up to the top of the line Goretex models from Rukka. It doesn’t matter what the model if we sell it we guarantee that it will live up to what we claim. In the case of Rukka clothing it’s guaranteed for five years, and if you have a genuine problem we can even organise a loan jacket for you.
A lot of the jackets we sell will have a connecting zip in order that the jacket can be attached to the matching trousers. Sometimes this will take the form of a short back zip and sometimes it will be a long wrap around zip. The zips help hold the jackets down and the trousers up and help prevent ‘separation’ in the event of a spill.
Despite great strides in manufacturing methods over the years there is no-one who will guarantee their outer pockets as waterproof, rain has a habit of getting through, no matter how well engineered a pocket may be.
Most of the jackets we sell, particularly the textile ones will have removable warmth liners in them which helps make them a bit more usable in the warmer months. Obviously the trouble with a windproof waterproof jacket is that it’s designed to keep the elements out and so can get a bit warm sometimes. To help alleviate this, an increasing number of jackets have vent zips, often front and rear, to allow air to circulate and help keep you cool.
As well as air vents another feature to consider when making your choice is how adjustable the jacket is. If you’re wearing a tee shirt in the summer then you need a bit less jacket than you will when you’re wearing several layers in the winter. Many of our jackets have adjustments on the sleeves and on the waist to allow for the size range needed.
As well as waterproof textile jackets we also keep a variety of Summer motorcycle jackets in stock which are designed to offer a high degree of protection whilst allowing the maximum amount of air to go through them. These jackets have a mesh outer shell and are equipped with CE approved armour for protection.
A lot of the jackets we sell will have subtle details such as reflective pin stripes or panels in order to help you be seen in low light conditions.
We also keep a wide range of sizes and styles in stock for both men and women. For the really big guys out there we can get textile jackets in up to 12XL.
We also keep a range of models in for the commuter who doesn’t want to look like a hard-core biker. Subtle in style these types of jackets have been found a keen market from people who don’t want to look the part but who still want the protection of real bike gear.
As with everything we stock there are occasionally discount motorcycle jackets available due to discontinued models or colours. Naturally a full guarantee comes with the sale items so that you can buy with confidence.


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