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The question you need to ask yourself is why do you want 1 piece leathers? Unless you’re racing or at least doing a lot of track days, these days we’d suggest you look at our range of two piece leathers. Good one piece suits are uncomfortable off of the bike, not particularly warm, not waterproof and terrible for walking around in.
On the plus side they look good, offer a huge degree of protection and you can look like your racing heroes. In real world terms two piece leathers make a lot more sense.
So assuming you still want some what to look for? Well that’s where it gets difficult as quality in a leather suit is dependent on the quality of the hide, the type of stitching and how it’s all put together. Basically unless you’re an expert it’s hard to know exactly what you are getting.
The big companies have built their reputations over many years and there are lot of reasons why their one piece leathers cost what they do. Not all of it is to do with paying big name riders to wear their gear, but some of it is.
The hide should be between 1.2mm and 1.4mm thick unless the 1 piece leather suit is made of Kangaroo then it’s accepted that the hide can be as thin as .8mm without affecting quality. All crash areas should be at least triple if not quad stitched and an overlay panel should ideally be placed on the area as well. A lot of people will sew a name plate on these areas as its safety and advertising in one go. Expect to find good quality knee and elbow armour as well as Kevlar impregnated stretch panels. Shoulder armour is now sometimes replaced by a hard exo skeleton plate as this offers the suit a chance to slide rather dig in. It is rare to find any form of hip armour in a race suit as this is uncomfortable in a racing crouch.
The best thing to do when you’re buying 1 piece leathers is to try it on your bike. The suit will give and shape itself to your body like any leather garment but its best if it’s good from the start. If you’re looking at 1 piece leather suit because of the ultimate protection it offers then you’ll probably be wearing a back protector as well. Make sure you try the 1 piece leathers on.


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