Waterproof Textile Motorcycle Trousers

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Ask yourself what you want the waterproof motorcycle trousers to do for you. Do you want something cheap and basic that you can throw over your Kevlar jeans or motorcycle leathers when you get caught short? Or do you want something that will keep you warm dry and offer a good deal of protection if it all goes Pete Tong?
It doesn’t really matter as there’s plenty of choice whatever you need. Cheap basic waterproof motorcycle trousers generally start at about £15 and will keep you dry. The downside is that they get very clammy quickly and can be a pain to get on and off.
Incidentally an old biker’s trick is to carry the trousers in a plastic carrier bag, and when you need to put them on place your foot in the bag and it will glide through the leg.
Better basic waterproof motorcycle trousers will have a thin lining and full length zips to make ingress and egress easier and the garment more comfortable to wear. Expect to pay from around £35.
Moving up the price scale to the £50 mark you can expect to find some lined textile waterproof motorcycle trousers made from heavier materials that offer some reasonable protection. These sorts of waterproof motorcycle trousers will also have features such as CE approved knee armour and even a connecting zip that will work with a matching jacket.
At the £80 mark you can expect to find added features such as removable warmth liners and some basic reflective pinstriping.
As with everything the more you spend the more you get and obviously more money buys you more exotic materials and more versatile trousers.
As always try them on a bike to make sure they’re not too tight, don’t bunch up too much, the armour is in the right place and that the waterproof motorcycle trousers don’t ride up too much when sitting. Some manufactures offer short or long options on their garments and most good retailers will have a selection of ladies trousers to try as well.


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