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Agv K5 Jet

AGV have made a helmet that is ideal for touring or urban commuting. The open face design is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the freedom of being one with the road whilst riding. But this experience does not compromise your comfort or protection. The K5 Jet is still made to AGV’s exacting standards for protection, comfort and performance.

The outer shell is made from a composite of fibreglass and carbon fibre that offers fantastic protection from impact and abrasions. Inside the helmet is lined with EPS foam for added impact absorption and comfort.

Two vents on the front of the helmet provide a stream of fresh air to keep you cool whilst riding. But this air does not get trapped in the helmet to become warm making it uncomfortable. An exhaust on the rear keeps the helmet fresh and cool. This ventilation system has undergone testing in wind tunnels to make for optimal performance.

If you are after a versatile helmet that can tackle long touring whilst also being perfect for everyday use then you won’t go wrong with the AGV K5 Jet.

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1040POINTS AGV K5 Jet - Roket

AGV K5 Jet - Roket

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