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Arai Qv Pro

The Arai QV Pro is made to be the pinnacle of sports touring helmets borrowing some features from the high-end racing helmet the RX-7V but answering to the demands of any sports-touring rider. The QV Pro is one of Arai’s helmets to feature the Variable Axis system shell. This smoother and rounder shell improves glancing-off properties meaning that the energy from an impact will dissipate instead of directing it straight to the wearer’s head.

The QV Pro motorcycle helmet features a high-performance ventilation system that has large ducts with big inlet and exhausts to provide a large amount of airflow into the helmet keeping the head cool and comfortable. The switches to open and close the vents are designed to be easy to use even wearing super thick motorcycle gloves in the winter.

The QV Pro has Arai’s Facial Contour System that means the helmet will sit at the lower jawbone instead of on the cheek to give a more comfortable and stable fit. The ear cups, cheek pads and temple pads have a 5mm ‘peel away’ layer to give the wearer more room if wanted.

The QV Pro features Arai’s Pro Shade an all-weather solution that can combat sunlight, fogging and misting all while be easy to use no matter the gloves being worn. Thick winter gloves will find it easy to operate just as thin summer gloves.

Arai have made the QV Pro to the ultimate all-rounder borrowing the race day technology from the high-end RX-7V but providing the comfort and weather protection that any sports-touring rider needs.

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