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Infinity Motorcycles are the number one stockist of Dainese motorcycle clothing in the UK, an Italian brand that produces some of the most innovative designs and effective safety solutions in the industry. Dainese accommodating something for every rider; everything from Gore-Tex jackets and leather suits, to trousers, boots, and gloves, are covered by 2 years warranty and are guaranteed to leave you satisfied.

Since their inception in 1972, the Italian brand consistently raises the bar for motorcycle safety, performance and comfort, and are a favourite among motorcyclists from veterans to world championship winners such as Valentino Rossi and Giacomo Agostini.

How do Dainese motorcycle boots fit?

Dainese boots fit as normal, though we recommend riders wear the next size up to accommodate flexibility during rides and thicker socks in colder conditions.

Which Dainese back protector should I wear?

Dainese back protectors are generally more rigid than conventional protectors, their hard-shell construction designed for optimal shock and abrasion resistance. They come in two different variants: harnesses and inserts. The Dainese Manis and Wave I2 harnesses are designed for wear underneath your jacket or suit, ideal for sports-riding or off-road use. The Wave D1 protectors are inserts for the back pocket in your jackets, sized G1 and G2 for small and large respectively.

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£80OFF 560POINTS Dainese Blackjack D-Dry Jacket

Dainese Blackjack D-Dry Jacket

£219.95(Save 36%)
Availability: Limited Stock
£280OFF 1600POINTS FinanceAvailable Dainese D-Cyclone Gore-Tex Jacket

Dainese D-Cyclone Gore-Tex Jacket

£679.95(Save 41%)
Availability: Limited Stock
£120OFF 1200POINTS FinanceAvailable Dainese X-Tourer D-Dry Jacket

Dainese X-Tourer D-Dry Jacket

£419.95(Save 29%)
Availability: Limited Stock
£40OFF 480POINTS Dainese Ergotour Extra Fit Gore-Tex Gloves

Dainese Ergotour Extra Fit Gore-Tex Gloves

£159.95(Save 25%)
Availability: Limited Stock
£140OFF 1120POINTS FinanceAvailable Dainese Stripes D1 Leather Jacket

Dainese Stripes D1 Leather Jacket

£419.95(Save 33%)
Availability: Limited Stock
£190OFF 600POINTS Dainese Alien Jeans

Dainese Alien Jeans

£339.95(Save 56%)
£60OFF 400POINTS Dainese Tempest D-WP Boots

Dainese Tempest D-WP Boots

From £99.99
£159.95(Save 37%)
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