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Drift Motorcycle Cameras & Mounts

Intutitive, practical accessories for the modern rider.

Drift is a small but incredibly passionate team whose aim is to set the stage for your most creative motorcycle riding ideas. Their cameras are designed to be easy to use, intuitive but also unobtrusive so you can capture your riding life without interference. Drift’s philosophy is not to sell you flashy gimmicks but provide you useful features that are relevant to you as a rider. The Drift Ghost 4K camera is just one product that represents these philosophies at work, it features dual microphones to limit wind noise and stabilization to reduce motion blur, ideal for capturing footage on a motorcycle.

Drift’s cameras are designed to work with accessories that mean you can place your camera anywhere on you. From handlebar mounts, rollbar, shoulder or even helmet mounts so you can decide how to film while riding.

Infinity Motorcycles wants you to be fully catered for so we have a huge range of Drift accessories and parts that help give you exactly what you want from your Drift camera.

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