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Forcefield Armour

Industry-leading soft-armour technology and specialist motorcycle base layers.

Manufacturing world-class armour since 2003, the brand continues to reinvent protection; intelligent materials that mould around your limbs for a secure fit, fully vented for increased airflow and reactive to ensure optimal energy absorption over multiple impacts.

Should you buy Forcefield or D30 protection?

Forcefield has been dedicated to the motorcycle market for years, and are a popular choice among first-time riders and veterans alike. The British brand produce armour constructed of sandwich layers of energy-absorbing Nitrex and Kevlar materials that same level of shock absorption over multiple collisions. This also makes Forcefield armour comfortable, breathable, and durable for decades of use.

On the other hand, D30 originally operated within the military, workwear and medical sectors, before expanding for motorcycle use in 2009. Nowadays the brand has become one of the most trusted in the industry, partnering with renowned brands such as Rukka, Furygan and Held. Their polyurethane foam armour dissipates energy at specific levels of impact, delivering flexibility and fit upon wear and offers the same level of effectiveness in different climates.

Essentially Forcefield and D30 offer different technologies that achieve similar results. Your choice of motorcycle armour really comes down to price or which brand you prefer, as the difference between the two brands are minimal but equally as effective, and are well worth investing in.

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