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Developed under Nolan Group alongside the Nolan and X-Lite brands, Grex are known for their polycarbonate protective helmets, perfect for entry-level riding.

Established under the Grex trademark in 1993, Nolan Group are Europe's largest manufacturer of helmets, produced through a fully-integrated production process. The company's commitment to safety, quality and innovation makes Grex one of the most reliable helmets available, and the great value of their range means you can own one of these quality helmets without breaking the bank.

What are Grex Helmets made from?

A Grex helmet's outer shell is made from Lexan, which provides superior protection and performance to ABS which is used in the majority of motorcycle helmets. The shell is produced using an injection moulding process of Lexan polycarbonate material, which ensures a consistent shape, thickness and performance in each Grex helmet.

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