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Helite Motorcycle Airbag Clothing

Founded in 2002 by French aircraft entrepreneur Gérard Thevenot, Helite was the product of Thenevot’s desire to create a unique and specialized form of protection originally for the aircraft industry but has since expanded into the motorcycle world.

Helite produces specialized wearable airbag systems that work great while motorcycle riding. The Helite Airbag vest is designed to be worn over your own motorcycle jacket, so you receive all the safety benefits of the airbag vest alongside the protection and comfort of your regular motorcycle jacket. Or with Helite’s Touring Airbag jacket you get all the features of the airbag vest along with the water resistance, protection and comfort of the jacket in one single piece of clothing.

Infinity Motorcycles wants you to get the most out of your Helite products so not only do we offer the Helite Airbag vests and jackets, we also offer replacement cartridges for them so you can have the peace of mind that your jacket or vest will provide the protection you need in the event of a crash.

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