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Hjc Fg 17

Advanced fibreglass full-face helmet with ventilation system and moisture-wicking interior.

The FG-17 uses HJC's Premium Integrated Matrix (PIM) method of shell construction, incorporating three different materials; carbon fibre, aramid fibres and fibreglass. This creates a unique woven blend that produces a shell both remarkably strong, and noticeably lighter. As a race-ready helmet, the FG-17 is also packed full of cutting edge technologies such as a SilverCool interior, a RapidFire visor system and a unique air channeling ventilation system. This 'ACS' ventilation system works to flush both heat, and humidity, up and out of the helmet.

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£100OFF 320POINTS HJC FG-17 - Strike

HJC FG-17 - Strike

£179.99(Save 56%)
640POINTS HJC FG-17 - Plain

HJC FG-17 - Plain

Infinity price
720POINTS HJC FG-17 - Talos

HJC FG-17 - Talos

Infinity price
£5OFF 120POINTS HJC HJ-20M Pinlock - Dark

HJC HJ-20M Pinlock - Dark

£34.99(Save 14%)
140POINTS HJC HJ-20M Pinlock - Yellow

HJC HJ-20M Pinlock - Yellow

Infinity price
260POINTS HJC HJ-20M Pinlock - Reactive

HJC HJ-20M Pinlock - Reactive

Infinity price
120POINTS HJC HJ-20M Pinlock - Clear

HJC HJ-20M Pinlock - Clear

Infinity price
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