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Hjc Rpha 70

HJC have created the RPHA-70 to be ideal for any tour rider but delivering a super lightweight helmet that is even more comfortable, no matter how long the ride. The helmet design is based on HJC’s RPHA-11, a super lightweight helmet with a track day focus but HJC have thrown in a bunch of comfort features that make the RPHA-70 great for touring.

The shell of the helmet is a mix of carbon fibre, aramid and carbon-glass to be super strong and super lightweight. But inside the helmet is where HJC have made it great for those long rides. The RPHA-70 features an anti-bacterial Multicool interior that is moisture wicking and quick drying, so even if you are wearing the helmet for long periods it won’t become stuffy and uncomfortable.

The dual-purpose top vent intakes cold air whilst exhausting hot air to maximise the air circulation in the helmet keeping you cool even further. The aperture of the helmet is also designed larger to not just give a greater field of vision but also allow better room around the helmet. It has also been made with an internal visor in mind meaning no matter the weather you will be riding happily.

The RPHA-70 is HJC’s promise of delivering a super multipurpose motorcycle helmet, it is super comfortable while being super lightweight; A dream for any riding style even long tour riding.

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