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LS2 truly began in 2007, with nearly 20 years manufacturing under their belt they established themselves in Barcelona with the aim to produce motorcycle helmets that are right for their customers, providing them with the safety and performance they need.

LS2 firmly follows their method of creating each helmet shell, and each shell is composed of three main elements, the outer shell, the shock absorbing EPS liner and the added components such as a visor, ventilation system, retention strap and comfort liner. The shell of LS2 motorcycle helmets are made of Polycarbonate mixed with ABS; then composite fibres and combined with a polymer resin to provide fantastic abrasion and penetration resistance. But this all keeps the helmet lightweight as well as highly protective. These methods have been used to create the fantastic range of FF323 and the FF397 motorcycle helmets as well as the other LS2 motorcycle helmets.

LS2 want to truly be a brand for the customer and so their huge range of motorcycle helmets are made to be protective, comfortable and affordable.

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