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Muc Off

Muc-Off is the UK’s leading motorcycle maintenance brand, developing the fastest and advanced cleaning solutions for your ride since 1994. From each chain lube to every motorcycle cleaning kit, Muc-Off is obsessed with refining their formulas for maximum efficiency. Their products are developed in-house and sent to their professional teams for testing before they're being sent for production.

How to clean your motorcycle with Muc-Off?

Muc-Off like to keep things simple when it comes to motorcycle maintenance, having developed a three-step process for keeping your motorcycle on-top form: clean, protect, lube.

A powerful, all-purpose bike cleaner such as the NanoTech Motorcycle Cleaner is essential for breaking down the dirt and grime on your motorcycle. Rinse your bike before applying your cleaner, making sure to keep the bike out of direct sunlight. Simply spray on, thoroughly scrub your bike with a brush and wait for 3 to 5 minutes for maximum effectiveness. Wash off the cleaner and see the results.

Once you're rid of grime, you'll want to protect your motorcycle for its next outing with a coating of all-purpose bike protector, such as the MO94 Spray Lube. Apply a coat of the PTFE formula leaves a long-lasting protective film on your ride that prevents dirt adhesion, reduces friction, and prevents rust and corrosion.

A final coating of lube is ideal for a long-lasting motorcycle chain; the lube forms a protective layer that inhibits rust, and increase drivetrain efficiency in either dry or wet weather conditions, depending on your requirements. To use, rotate the rear wheel of your bike backwards and apply the lube to each link. For the best results, leave the lube overnight or wait 15 minutes before riding.

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48POINTS Muc-Off Microfibre Wash Mitt 2 in 1

Muc-Off Microfibre Wash Mitt 2 in 1

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100POINTS Muc-Off Miracle Shine

Muc-Off Miracle Shine

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40POINTS Muc-Off Premium Anti Fog 32ml

Muc-Off Premium Anti Fog 32ml

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32POINTS Muc-Off Premium Microfibre Cloth

Muc-Off Premium Microfibre Cloth

1 Review
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60POINTS Muc-Off Pre-Wax Cleanser

Muc-Off Pre-Wax Cleanser

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40POINTS Muc-Off PTFE Chain Lube 400ml

Muc-Off PTFE Chain Lube 400ml

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40POINTS Muc-Off Silicone Shine 500ml

Muc-Off Silicone Shine 500ml

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36POINTS Muc-Off Soft Washing Brush

Muc-Off Soft Washing Brush

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18POINTS Muc-Off Wet Lube 50ml

Muc-Off Wet Lube 50ml

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24POINTS Muc-Off Wheel Brush

Muc-Off Wheel Brush

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36POINTS Muc-Off Wheel Rim Brush

Muc-Off Wheel Rim Brush

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£8OFF 74POINTS Muc-Off Bike Starter Kit - M636

Muc-Off Bike Starter Kit - M636

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