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Nexx’s aim is to create motorcycle gear with the ‘wow’ factor. Produced 100% in Portugal, Nexx’s helmets like the SX10 are built with an experimental twist on European style. Nexx has committed to keeping all production in Europe and in particular Portugal. This is to keep the vast knowledge of their builders concentrated to ensure that every helmet is built to the same high standard that Nexx sets for themselves.

And all these helmets are built in Nexx’s smart factory which works with reduced energy and resource consumption to be even more environmentally sound.

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440POINTS Nexx SX.10 Switch - Camo

Nexx SX.10 Switch - Camo

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440POINTS Nexx SX.10 Switch - Chloe

Nexx SX.10 Switch - Chloe

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360POINTS Nexx SX.10 Switch - Plain

Nexx SX.10 Switch - Plain

From £79.99
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520POINTS Nexx SX.100 - Plain

Nexx SX.100 - Plain

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240POINTS Nexx SX.60 - Basic

Nexx SX.60 - Basic

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400POINTS Nexx SX.60 - Eagle Rider

Nexx SX.60 - Eagle Rider

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880POINTS Nexx X.R2 - Plain

Nexx X.R2 - Plain

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