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Pinlock is the leading manufacturer of visor products, continuing to innovate and produce the latest visor technologies suitable for every rider type, from the race-track to the daily commute. Pinlock are renowned throughout the industry, being adopted by millions of motorcyclists globally, as well as cooperating with the biggest motorcycle brands for optimal performance from Shoei and Arai, to Schuberth and AGV.

Find out everything you need to know about Pinlocks with Infinity Motorcycles' Pinlock Guide.

What is a pinlock visor?

The pinlock system makes a fogged up shield a thing of the past in thanks to its double shield properties. A moisture-absorbing insert is secured to the shield with pins, creating an air-tight chamber that acts as an insulator to the inner temperatures of the motorcycle helmet. The absorbing properties of the insert in-combination with the double-glazing properties of the system prevents moisture-build up and ‘fogging’ of the visor, leaving your vision clear while riding.

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