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Shoei Glamster

An 80s-style full-face with modern safety & comfort.

The latest in Shoei's Neo-Classic series, the Glamster is a throwback to the 80s era of naked motorcycles, with a compact, low-profile shell, classic D-Ring chinstrap, and mesh inside the vents. But amongst these vintage features, this helmet is fitted with the latest standards and protection seen in modern Shoei helmets.

The Shoei Glamster is available in a series of plain colours including Basalt Grey, Off-White, and Gloss Black, as well as a Resurrection graphic.

The Glamster is the newest model in Shoei’s Neo-Classic series, a reimagining of some casually cool motorcycle helmets you would find decades ago but with all the brand-new innovative technology that Shoei has developed. Alongside Shoei’s previous Neo-Classic models are the Shoei J.O and Shoei EX-Zero, the Glamster has a design that harks back to previous eras when it was all about looking good getting there.

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