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TomTom Motorcycle GPS

TomTom GPS systems have been popular with motorcycle riders across the globe for years. Since their inception in 1991, the Dutch-based company has risen to become the leading brand of navigation devices and technologies, revolutionising the way millions of motorists travel with highly accurate routes, real-time traffic updates, and every-day convenience.

Infinity stock a range of TomTom GPS devices and accessories ideal for the motorcycle. The TomTom Rider 450 offers roundtrip planning and live updates on two wheels, with touchscreen controls to accommodate light or heavy gloves, use of Bluetooth wireless headset to make and receive calls via the TomTom, and weatherproof build; with a 1-year warranty when purchased with Infinity Motorcycles.

How does TomTom GPS work?

TomTom combines GPS data with the latest map information in all of their portable devices and was one of the first companies to make this technology available in an easy-to-use form for anyone and everyone. Using a network of satellites called the Global Position System, TomTom devices receive this data to pinpoint a user’s position, velocity and time anywhere in the world.

GPS devices require an unobstructed view of the sky in order to locate your position, this means your TomTom will not work if you are inside a building or inside a tunnel. If the GPS signal is too weak, your device will not know your current position and will attempt to calculate your position based on the road you are on and the speed and direction you are travelling. The Driving View is shown in black and white when the GPS signal is lost.

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