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There is a huge variety of motorcycle locks on the market from simple, easily portable disc locks up to two metre long heavy duty chains and at Infinity Motorcycles we stock a wide range to suit every type of bike and application.
A lock is your first line of defence against thieves, and whilst no combination of locks can ever prevent serious motorcycles thieves from depriving you of your pride and joy a good one will hopefully deter all but the most determined of thieves. It sounds a little mercenary, but a good lock will encourage thieves to move onto someone else’s bike.
Many insurance companies won’t provide cover in some areas unless you have a good level of security. For that reason we carry everything from basic and cheap cable locks right up to Thatcham approved heavy duty locks of the type that will make even serious thieves think twice.
Every type of disc is different so if it’s a disc lock you’re after it’s important to make sure it’s suitable and fits your disc. At Infinity Motorcycles our staff will happily help you choose the right one for your motorcycle or scooter.
There are close fitting models such as the Oxford Omega or Abus Provogue and models that can double up as padlocks such as the Oxford Boss Alarm lock. If a light weight model is what you’re after then the Oxford Junior may well suit your needs. Sometimes because of a large disc in a small wheel (such as on scooters like Vespa ET4 and ET2) only specific models of locks will fit, just let the staff know what you want and they’ll even try the lock on your bike to make sure it fits.
We’re big fans of the Oxford Minder cable around here and recommend it for use with all disc locks, as everyone forgets once in a while. If you don’t believe us just ask the staff, there’s at least one person in every shop who’s made the mistake of riding off with their lock in place.
Obviously the best way to secure your pride and joy is to attach it to something secure with a quality chain. At Infinity we carry a wide range of motorcycle chains, many of which will get you a discount on your insurance premium, so as a chain will last you many years it will end up paying for itself over the years.
We carry Oxford Boss alarm disc lock have a siren built in to further discourage low lifes. The alarm also acts as an efficient warning that you’ve forgotten to remove the lock!
So whatever your security needs we have got you covered. For free friendly advice just come into any of our stores and have a chat with the ever helpful guys and girls who are happy to help.


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