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Advanced Channeling Ventilation System. HJC’s extensive MotoGP race research has allowed them to optimise the EPS liner with channels to effectively flow cooling air over a riders head.

ACU Gold
Helmets with an ACU Gold sticker are certified by the Auto Cycle Union for racing use. To get on track in the UK you will be required to wear a helmet that has an ACU Gold sticker applied, normally to the rear of the helmet. This is a separate test to ECE 22.05/06 which does not apply to riding a motorcycle on the public highway. Take a look at all of Infinity's ACU Gold-approved motorcycle helmets here.

Shorthand for ‘Adventure’. Normally used to describe the Adventure side of the motorcycle market. Large capacity off-road motorcycles and peaked helmets ring synonymous with the term ADV, although it more recently refers to any size off-road-esque motorcycles going on an expedition.

AIM Shell (Shoei)
The AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) Shell consists of 4 layers; Fibreglass, 3D Organic Fibres, Organic Fibres and Fibreglass. Comparing this shell composition to a helmet made only of fibreglass, the AIM Shell is lighter and more elastic but also maintaining the same strength. The synthetic resin used within the helmet shell is extremely resistant to corrosion. This shell design allows impacts to the helmet to be absorbed through the many layers of fibres and distributed over a larger surface area of the helmet. This can mean that after a strong impact to the shell you can notice damage to the shell and the EPS liner, but the head of the rider is given maximum protection due to the way in which the impact was dealt with. Click here to view Shoei Helmets. 

AIM+ Shell (Shoei)
The AIM+ Shell has one extra layer compared to the AIM shell. The 5 layers of an AIM+ are; Fibreglass, Special Fibres, 3D Organic Fibres, Organic Fibres and Fibreglass. The properties are the same as the AIM shell but with the added High-Performance Special Fibres, the helmet will be stronger and can deal with impacts even better than AIM shell helmets. Shop Shoei Helmets. 

Airfit (Scorpion)
Airfit is an internal pump system within Scorpion helmets that allows the user to adjust their cheek pads pressure on their face, making their own helmet completely personalised. There is a release system to let the air back out of the cheek pads. Shop Scorpion Helmets.

Arrownet (Knox)
A specially selected mesh fabric which offers high levels of abrasion, cut and tear resistance. Garments using the latest iteration of this fabric have been able to achieve a CE Level AA rating, something usually reserved for much heavier textiles and leather. Shop Knox items.

A.R.O.S (Anti Roll Off System) (Schuberth)
The Anti-Roll-Off-System ensures the helmet cannot twist off the head when the chins strap is closed and adjusted properly. This helps to reduce injuries of the chest in case of an accident. Shop Schuberth helmets.

All The Gear, All The Time. A term coined to describe a rider that wears all of the necessary protective riding gear every time they go out on the motorcycle. That includes Helmet, Jacket, Trousers, Gloves, Boots. Those who choose not to are normally referred to as a Squid or Squidding.

Bluetooth technology has long been used for connecting mobile phones to devices wirelessly. Bluetooth intercoms for helmets have become commonplace on most riders' lids due to their usefulness for sat-nav instructions and ability to provide audio entertainment on the go. DMC Mesh is the latest technology which will slowly phase out the use of bluetooth and provides a better connection to more users. Shop Helmet Intercoms.

CAD (Computer Aided Design)
CAD is a broad term for powerful computer software that allows you to design products, test them, and send them off to be made. It speeds up production and helps to identify how to make products better. CAD is extensively used in helmet manufacture for making helmets safer & more aerodynamic.

Carbon Fibre (Helmets)
Carbon Fibre is incredibly light, strong, and perfect for creating high performance parts. Made from strands of Carbon woven together, it is an expensive material compared to fibreglass but well worth the price tag. Carbon fibre motorcycle helmets are typically lighter and stronger than their plastic or fibreglass alternatives. Shop Carbon Motorcycle Helmets.

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
CFD is computer software that allows a helmet manufacturer to test how a helmet’s design is affected by airflow. This is useful for optimising aerodynamics as well as a helmet’s ventilation system without having to physically make lots of different designs, it can all be done on a computer.

Coolmax Interior Pads (Schuberth)
The Coolmax materials inside Schuberth helmets are designed to create an optimal climate whilst being used. It is able to transport moisture efficiently and also create additional cooling for the wearer. Coolmax is still machine washable. Shop Schuberth helmets.

Cordura 500 (Clothing)
Cordura 500 is an extremely abrasion-resistant polyamide fabric. It is used at the outer shell for Rukka motorcycle clothing due to its strength. Shop Rukka clothing.

Covec (Bull-it)
Covec is the protective layer within Bull-it's protective clothing. The liner is designed to give the user extremely high abrasion resistance if they are to ever come off their motorcycle. Covec is also cut resistance to help protect against grit and glass on the road. View Bull-it Jeans.

D3O (Amour)
In its raw form, the material’s molecules flow freely, allowing it to be soft and flexible, but on impact, lock together to dissipate impact energy and reduce transmitted force. Browse D30 armour.

D-Dry (Dainese)
D-Dry is the Dainese manufactured waterproof liner. It has similar features to Gore-Tex, with great waterproofing capabilities and it is also a breathable membrane. The advantage of D-Dry over Gore-Tex is the price. You are able to purchase D-Dry jackets for much cheaper than Gore-Tex jackets. Shop Dainese.

DMC (Dynamic Mesh Communication)
Dynamic Mesh Communication. This is the latest technology within helmet intercom systems that is starting to take over from the long standing Bluetooth connection system. By creating a mesh web of intercom systems, the connection between a group becomes more reliable and allows riders to leave and rejoin without disrupting the rest of the group. DMC also allows for larger group connections than Bluetooth. Cardo and Sena have both created their own form of DMC and they are currently not compatible with each other. Shop Helmet Intercoms.

D-Ring (Helmets)
A simple, but effective, method of securing a helmet to your head with the chin strap. At the end of one strap are two metal ‘D’ shaped rings whilst the other just features a button. Feed the strap through both loops, then loop over the last ring and back through the first, pull to secure and button the loose end to the other strap to stop it flapping. Watch our video on using a D-Ring

Drystar (Alpinestars)
Drystar is Alpinestars own waterproof liner. It is a waterproof and breathable liner similar to Gore-Tex but at a much cheaper cost. The liner can be used all year round due to its features so will be found in all-season jackets. View our Alpinestars range.

Easyfit (Shark)
Shark’s brand name for their prescription glasses fitting system. It's a groove in the padding on each side of the helmet that allows the arms of your glasses to slide in comfortably and stop them from digging into your head. This system is fitted to all Shark Helmets.

ECE 22.05 (Helmets)
The ECE 22.05 are the rules put in place to make sure motorcycle helmets in Europe are at an acceptable level of strength and safety. This covers the helmet shell, visors, chin straps and protective chin guards. Every helmet Infinity sell will have passed the ECE 22.05 unless otherwise stated. To help find the helmet right for you check out our Ultimate Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide.

ECE 22.06 (Helmets)
For a detailed read on ECE 22.06 check out our article here. In brief, this is the latest standard in helmet safety, ECE 22.06 is an evolution of ECE 22.05 to create a better & safer motorcycle helmet. All helmets sold in the UK must adhere to ECE 22.06 from January 2024, but you will see these helmets trickle in from brands that are getting ahead of the game. Shop ECE 22.06 helmets.

EPS Liner (Helmets)
EPS (Expandable Polystyrene) is the foam helmet liner under a helmet's main shell. EPS is great at shock absorption by taking the impact through the material itself. If an impact is great enough to damage the EPS liner, you will almost definitely need to replace the helmet. 

E.Q.R.S (Emergency Quick Release System) Cheek Pads (Helmets)
The Emergency Quick Release System is designed to help remove a motorcycle helmet from an injured rider without causing more damage to the neck or spine. The E.Q.R.S allows the pads to be removed while the helmet is still being worn, so there is more space around the helmet to be removed. 

Fibreglass Helmets (Helmets)
A popular construction material for helmets, it makes for a lightweight and strong helmet with a shell that's less brittle than carbon fibre and able to stand significant abrasion as well as absorb substantial impacts before cracking. Click here to view fibreglass helmets.

Field of View / Vision (Helmets)
This refers to how wide the visor aperture is and therefore how much of your peripheral vision will see the world outside your helmet. A wider field of view is better as it allows you to be more aware of hazards and helps to alleviate the “hemmed in” feeling some people get when wearing a motorcycle helmet.

Gore-Tex (Clothing)
Waterproof, breathable membrane, able to repel liquid water while allowing water vapour to pass through and is designed to be a lightweight fabric for all weather conditions.  Read our comprehensive guide to Gore-Tex

Gore-Tex Laminate (Clothing)
A GORE-TEX® laminate is created by bonding the GORE-TEX® membrane between the high-performance lining and outer textiles.

H2OUT (Spidi)
H2OUT is a microporous waterproof, windproof- breathable membrane. Shop Spidi.

Hipora (Oxford Products)
Hipora is a waterproof and breathable membrane used in Oxford Products clothing. It is a cheaper alternative to products such a Gore-Tex. Click here to view Oxford's range of textile jackets.

KwikWick 2 Lining (Scorpion)
Washable moisture-wicking anti-microbial quick-drying fabric. Shop Scorpion Helmets.

Lid (Helmets)
Another term for Helmet. See also; brain bucket, skid-lid, crash helmet.

Lorica (Sidi)
A lightweight, breathable, waterproof and flexible textile that has been designed to be like leather but better, Sidi Lorica has excellent wear characteristics and the fit will only improve over time. Browse Sidi boots.

Mesh (Clothing)
Materials that are woven specifically to allow air to flow easily through them. You will often find mesh fabrics used in summer clothing, especially short gloves and jackets. Not all mesh is protective, however, some mesh is only designed with airflow in mind. Jackets like Knox’s Urbane Pro MK2 use Arrownet fabric which also achieves high levels of abrasion resistance & airflow. Shop Mesh Jackets.

Micro Ratchet / Buckle (Helmets)
Another method of securing the chin strap which has advantages over the D-Rings. It uses a length adjustable strap with a ratchet on one side and a buckle on the other. By setting the required length of the strap once, all you have to do is slide the ratchet into the buckle with a satisfying click to secure the helmet in place. To release, just lift up on the buckle release lever.

Multiaxial (Helmets)
Motorcycle helmets made using composite materials, like fibreglass or carbon fibre, rely on the way the fibres are laid to get the right properties for protection. Multiaxial fabrics lay the fibres in multiple layers at offset angles and use a secondary non-structural thread to secure them together. This allows for optimal performance from the fabric for a better final product.

Optical Class 1 (Helmets)
This is a standard that relates to eye and face protection. Visors that meet Optical Class 1 are optically correct, meaning no distortion, and are best for prolonged use. It makes the biggest difference in peripheral vision and most modern visors from premium brands meet this standard. It is worth noting that all motorcycle helmet visors will be sufficient for day-to-day riding.

Outlast (Clothing)
A material that absorbs, stores and releases excess heat for optimal thermal comfort, enabling the material to continually regulate skin's microclimate.

Pinlock (Helmets)
Built-in pins on the inside of the visor that transforms your single visor into a dual visor with an anti-fog lens. The lens acts like double glazing as it's an anti-porous piece of plastic. Take a look at our range of Pinlocks for any helmet here.

Pinlock 120 (Helmets)
Offers the highest level of fog resistance from the Pinlock range. A Pinlock 120 is used by professional riders in racing environments and is typically included in the box of premium brand helmets. It works by creating an insulating air pocket against the visor and using a moisture-absorbing silicone to provide clear and fog-free vision.

Polycarbonate Helmet (Helmets)
A common material to make helmets from, it's tough and lightweight with masses of impact resistance.

RPT (Repeat Performance Technology) (Forcefield)
RPT, usually seen in body armour, is armour designed to be fully functional after multiple impacts to the armour itself. RPT armour is usually flexible and can reshape itself after a crash. See our full range of Forcefield armour.

Superfiber (SFC) (Arai)
The outer shell of a helmet is made from several types of Super Glass Fibre, it is one of the best glass fibres for strength, it was originally invented for space and army defence technology. Shop Arai helmets.

Schoeller®-Dynatec (Rokker)
The material is made of 100% schoeller®-dynatec (non-abrasive, wind-resistant, water repellent). Browse Rokker Jeans.

TCT Shell (Thermodynamical Composite Technology) (Scorpion)
The TCT shell consists of a proprietary 5 layer blend of interlaced and specially formulated fibreglass, Aramid and organic poly-resin fibres. Shop Scorpion Helmets.

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