Yamaha Scooters

Scooters are the perfect way to commute, they're easy to ride, with automatic gearboxes and weather protection, free to park (in most London boroughs) and fun!

Modern maxi scooters are even more capable, machines like the Yamaha TMAX and XMAX range are capable of much travelling much further than the daily commute and a TMAX even stands out as being a capable touring bike.

If you're already hooked on the practicality of a scooter and would like to move up to something more capable of longer rides, the XMAX and TMAX ranges have something for you.

The balance of fuel economy, punchy performance and small, traffic busting dimensions make a 125cc scooter ideal for city dwellers, with enough range for a country escape at the weekend. Bigger wheeled Xenter and XMAX models offer a bit more stability on cobbled or bumpy streets.

If you're just starting out, or are looking for really affordable transport, the Yamaha 50cc range offers sporty and economical scooter models.

Our Clapham store is a Yamaha Premier Dealer and can arrange finance, insurance, clothing and your CBT - we can even deliver your new scooter to the test centre!

Situated on Clapham High Street, just a few minutes walk from Clapham North tube station, our store is easy to find and our friendly staff can help you through the whole process of getting on two wheels.

Available Models